Stamdata Default and Recovery Rates (Stamdata D&R) - Coverage

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The database contains non-default-, default- and/or recovery event information for the following issuers (updated 10.05.2016)

Ability Drilling ASA
Aker Biomarine ASA
Amagerbanken A/S
Amarant Mining Ltd
American Shipping Company ASA
Apptix ASA
Araca Energy ASA
AS Tallink Grupp
Atlantic Offshore AS
Atlantica Tender Drilling Ltd
Austevoll Seafood ASA
B+H Ocean Carrier Ltd.
Bassdrill Alpha Ltd
Belships ASA
Bergen Group ASA
Bergen Oilfield Services AS
Bergteamet Holding AB (publ)
Blom ASA
Bluestone Offshore Pte Ltd
Camo Software AS
Cecon 1 AS and Cecon 2 AS
Cecon ASA
Cecon Shipping 1 AS
Cecon Shipping 2 AS
Cecon Shipping 3 AS
Chloe Marine Corporation Ltd
Club Cruise Entertainment & Travelling Services Eu
Codfarmers AS
Crew Gold Corp
Crudecorp AS
Dannemora Magnetit AB
Dannemora Mineral AB
DDM Treasury Sweden AB
Deep Drilling 1 Pte. Ltd
Delphin Kreuzfahrten
Det Norske Oljeselskap ASA
Dolphin Group ASA
Domstein AS
DP Producer AS
Eagle Industries Oy
Eitzen Chemical ASA
Electromagnetic Geoservices ASA
Emerging Europe Land Development AS
Emisoft AS
EOAL Cyprus Holdings Limited
Equinox Offshore Accomodation Limited
Estancia Logistik AB (publ)
Estatia Resort Property AS
European Energy A/S
Fairstar Heavy Transport NV
Fjord Line AS
Fram Exploration ASA
Front Exploration AS
Funcom N.V.
Fundior AB (publ)
Genel Energy Finance Limited
General Exploration Partners Inc.
Glitnir banki hf.
Global Rig Company AS
GlobalConnect A/S
Golden Energy Offshore Services AS
Golden Ocean Group Ltd
Goliath Offshore Holdings Pte. Ltd.
Green Star Drilling Limited
GripShip AS
Handelseiendom II AS
Harkand Finance Inc.
Havila Holding AS
Havila Shipping ASA
Highclere Holdings Limited
Hurtigruten ASA
Hälsorutan Norden AB
I. M. Skaugen SE
Insula AS
Interoil Exploration and Production ASA
Iona Energy Company (UK) Ltd.
Island Drilling Company ASA
Island Offshore Shipholding LP
Ithaca Petroleum Holdings AS
Jasper Explorer PLC
Kistefos Equity Operations AS
Krillsea Group AS
Kverneland AS
Landic Property Bonds VII (Stockholm) A/S
Latina Offshore Holding Limited
Lotos Exploration and Production Norge AS
Malka Oil AB
Marine Subsea AS
Marine Subsea Cyprus Holding Ltd
Master Marine AS
Metro Exploration Holding Corp.
Millicom International Cellular S.A.
Mobylife Holding A/S
Monitor Oil PLC
MPF Corp Ltd
MPU Offshore Lift ASA
Nattopharma ASA
Neptune Marine Invest AS
Nexus Floating Production Ltd
Nobina Europe AB (publ)
NOR Energy AS
Nordic Heavy Lift ASA
Noreco Norway AS
Norse Energy Corp. ASA
Norshore Atlantic B.V.
Norske Skogindustrier ASA
Northland Resources AB (publ)
Northland Resources SE
Norwegian Energy Company ASA
NSA Bondco Limited
Obligasjonsforetaket III AS
Oceanlink Ltd
Oceanteam ASA
Oren Oil ASA
Oro Negro Drilling Pte. Ltd.
Oro Negro Impetus Pte. Ltd
OSA Goliath Pte. Ltd.
OSX 3 Leasing B.V
Otium AS
PA Resources AB
Peterson AS
Petrojack ASA
Petrolia SE
PetroMena ASA
PetroProd Ltd
PetroRig III
Pexip AS
Pharmaq Holding AS
Polarcus Ltd (Cayman Islands)
Primorsk International Shipping Ltd
Prosafe SE
Proserv Group AS
Remedial (Cyprus) Public Company Limited
Reservoir Exploration Technology ASA
Resitec AS
Ridgebury Crude Tankers LLC
Roskilde Bank A/S
Rowan Drilling Norway AS
Rubicon Offshore Holdings Limited
RusForest AB (publ)
Russian Real Estate Investment Company AB
Salamander Energy Plc
Sanjel Corporation
Scan Geophysical ASA
Sea Production Ltd
Sea Trucks Group Limited
Seabird Exploration PLC
Seametric International AS
Selvaag Bolig ASA
Sevan Marine ASA
Solör Bioenergi Holding AB
Songa Floating Production ASA
Songa Offshore SE
Start Up 271 AS
Sterling Resources (UK) Ltd.
Svithoid Tankers AB
Talvivaaran Kaivososakeyhtiö Oyj
Tandberg Data ASA
Tandberg Storage ASA
Telefonplan Stockholm Property AB (publ)
Teodin Acquico AS
Thule Drilling AS
TiZir Ltd
TMG International AB
Transeuro Energy Corp
Trigon Agri A/S
UBE Gruppen AS
Valhalla Oil and Gas AS
Viking Drilling ASA
Viking Supply Ships A/S
Volstad Shipping AS
Värmlands Finans Sverige AB (publ)
Wega Mining AS
Weifa ASA
Wentworth Resources Limited
West Atlantic AB (publ)
Wiking Mineral AB
World Wide Supply AS
Ziebel AS