Latest News From Stamdata

02.01.2018 The statistics module has been updated with the option to share custom charts. By clicking the share button the URL to the current chart will be copied to your clipboard. This URL can be shared with other users, and be used for quick access to commonly used chart settings.
02.01.2018 A new business day calculator has been added to the "Tools" section of Stamdata.
21.08.2017 The "Latest deals"-page replaces the "Latest issues"-page, and contains a line for every new deal - including taps.
02.01.2017 Adding CFI codes (ISO 18774) to feeds, now supported for ISINs NO and DK. SE, FI and XS will be added moving forward.
02.01.2017 Added FirstIssuedAmount to feed, where the total amount issued on the issue date of the instrument is given.
22.11.2016 Flag for money market instruments using money market instrument definition used is according to Verdipapirfondloven § 6-9, section 1 No. 2 with appurtenant regulation, interpreted by the Norwegian Fund Asset Management Association. Field to see total outstanding money market instruments for an issuer is also available.
08.11.2016 LCR levels, LCR hair-cuts, Covered Bond Over Collateralization information now available to Premium feed customers.
08.11.2016 Interest floor conventions are now available. Zero floor, reference rate floor, no floor and explicit no floor.
26.05.2016 We can now supply central bank collateral hair-cut values and estimates for collateralization of Nordic debt instruments.
08.03.2016 Added fields in feed for risk classes: Government Guaranteed, Municipality Guaranteed, Covered Bonds, Junior Covered Bonds, Super Senior Secured, Senior Secured, etc.

Feed now contains information in exchange is MiFid regulated, Market MIC and Exchange Country.
19.01.2016 Added call table to data feeds, and extended calls shown on Stamdata to include Make Whole calls.
19.01.2016 In Issue Based statistics, added a column which gives the maximum outstanding amount a bond has had during its lifetime. Useful when comparing matured bonds.
28.01.2015 Added support for price updoads to Bloomberg AIM (prices by Nordic Bond Pricing).
28.10.2015 Release of Stamdata Default and Recovery Rates for the Nordic markets, the first and only independent source for default and recovery rates in the Nordic region. With detailed data on credit events, per instance per ISIN and/or issuer.
15.10.2015 New 'Security Type'-field introduced giving a greater understanding of the seniority of debt instruments. The field is available on the web-page of a bond. Examples; Senior Unsecured, Super Senior, Subordinate
15.10.2015 New 'Risk Specification'-introducing four new sector definitions: “Finance”, “Government”, “Municipality” and “Non-Financial Company”. The new definitions will be in addition to the previous upgraded industry sectors and will enhance the user experience when aggregating data.
13.10.2015 New USD Currency format available on web. As a high percentage of the Nordic high yield market are denominated in USD, it will now be possible to aggregate data in this currency.
14.05.2015 New version of Stamdata user interface released.
15.04.2015 Mark-to-market used in connection with tax purposes 2014 (Likningskurser).
07.04.2015 Excoupon dates updated from VPS which is now the calendar day after 2 bankdays before termdate. The update is a vital part of aligning Norwegian bond trades with the general European bond infrastructure.
03.12.2014 Stamdata App launched on Google Play and App Store. Among the features are a multiple-country Bank day and Interest Payment calculator. More features will be added over time.
25.09.2014 New capital weights for banks (CRD IV) added to The updated capital weights are in accordance with the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway’s circular letter, September 2014:
21.08.2014 New industry grouping added to statistics. The new grouping introduces a new level of subgroups specialized for the Nordic Bond Market. The old industry grouping will be removed after a period of time.
06.08.2014 Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) codes added to issuer page in and on Feed. The codes will be part of the uniform reporting standards for banks through the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR).
06.08.2014 Company Ratings is added to the issuer page on The ratings are based on public information.
29.03.2014 Stamdata goes Nordic, removing local pages (Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish) and integrating all markets into one site; For users wishing to have access to Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or Finnish reference bond data in addition to their existing account can contact us at for more information.
21.03.2014 Nordic Bond Pricing (NBP) prices and spread curves added to feed. Stamdata will be the responsible for delivering the data to clients. Contact NBP at for more information on their services provided.
23.10.2013 Insekt 2000 codes on Swedish institutional sector classification added on feed and The codes, provided by the Official Statistics of Sweden (Statistisk Centralbyrån), will be used in various reporting systems by funds.
08.08.2013 “Interest Payment Request” added to all Swedish bonds on The page helps Swedish issuers to determine the correct information on coupon payments that they have to send to Euroclear Sweden. The service is a response to the lack of a professional paying agent function in the Swedish bond market.